Digital Scenography
Practice-based Research
in the Performing Arts

Hello, I am Dr. Andrew Sempere and this website documents my academic, transdisciplinary, practice-based research projects and publications. I am from the US but live and work primarily in Switzerland. My PhD is from EPFL (2015), my Masters is from the MIT Media Lab (MS 2003) and my undergraduate degree is from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA 2001). I operate between several theatre, art and design universities. In between my masters and my doctoral work I spent twelve years working in industry, primarily in software development, design and industrial research including the IBM Center for Social Software (2007-2012).

If you are interested in hiring me for commercial work you want Digital Scenographic. If you are interested in my art practice, you want my portfolio. If you want my para-academic research projects and collaborations, you want Feral Research. I also spend a lot of time on twitter.

You can email me here.

Research Projects

Nov 2015-May 2016 >> DS/PS: Digital Scenography / Performing Space
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Sept 2015-Current (ongoing) >> HotelCity / CinemaMutation
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Jan 2012 - Dec 2015 >> SINLAB
[website] [website archive (zip)] [PhD work]

Select Publications

2015 - Introduction: What is digital scenography?

2015 - PhD Thesis: Computational Shifts in Theatrical Space
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2013 - eCAADe Conference on Future Traditions
Experience Catalysts and Architecture: Towards a New Tradition

Select Lectures/Teaching
2013 - Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD)
Art / Design / Research [video]